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Database Driven Websites

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By adding a database to your website you can personalise what the user sees and automate order taking and payments.

The majority of the most popular websites are database driven, from commercial sites such as Amazon to top search site Google.

Even if you aren't selling items on your site, a database can help to improve a users experience so they come back time again. This can be by putting new items on the site or personalising what the user sees.

You might just want them to register an interest in your site and use this information for mailings, newsletters or tailored special offers.


One of our customers uses a simple database to allow them to show stock levels and show details of special offers. This means that as well as their customers having up to date information, our customer doesn't have to pay for daily updates and they are able to make immediate changes to the site.

Another customer deals with the general public and government departments. Certain items aren't available to the public so by collecting user details from the site they can check who they are and who they are with. This information can then be used to mail newsletters and offer special promotions to individual users or type of uer.

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