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Finding the missing piece

MAC1 Systems provides web based components or systems to enhance your company's own products and services.

This could be as simple as providing a shopping cart on your web site to a complete bespoke package written specifically for you.

We can either host the site or provide recommendations for you, including redundancy and backup, along with ongoing management and upgrades.

Past Projects

A number of the projects we have worked on have involved adding a database to existing systems to provide billing platforms. This has involved creating interfaces to collect CDRs (Call Data Records), store and rate them then provide a web interface to provide bills and reports.

We have also provided complete systems that allow text and multimedia messages to be sent and received from mobile phones. This project required not only the development of the web site, but also interfaces to several vendor's APIs for message transfer and ongoing support for multiple resilient servers.

Finally there have been a number of projects that use databases to allow our customer to keep the data on their website up to date with news, special offers or stock levels.

Areas of Interest

We are continually on the look out for projects that are interesting and challenging. If you have an idea that you think may involve one of the following then we are happy to discuss your requirements and where we might be able to get involved and help out.

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