MAC1 Systems

SMS/MMS Systems

Communicate directly with your clients

Text, or SMS, messages are becoming the defacto way to communicate with your clients and staff.

This can be outbound messages to confirm orders, appointment reminders or system warnings. MAC1 Systems can provide an Application Program Interface (API) for your existing system or provide bespoke code to directly link your site to an SMS provider.

Inbound messages can also be prosessed and forwarded to your site via a normal mobile number or short code. These could be requests for information, answers to adverts or even revenue generation for services you provide.

And pictures too

The latest generation of mobile phones can capture images, video audio. These can be used to distribute content to your clients or collect time critical media from your staff or associates.

Both SMS and MMS messages can be combined with GPS data for geographical websites or tracking systems.

Link with Partners

MAC1 Systems has a long term relationship with partners in the SMS inductry that we can use to transport the texts at a preferred rate if you don't have your own provider.

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